Perfection is in your products’ details

We supply Sherwin-Williams powder coating paints that offer a whole range of options. We want our range to be as diverse as possible, so we bring you a variety of interior and exterior paints that you can use to coat everything with, from architectural elements to design and consumer products.

 We supply powder coatings conforming to GSB International standards and Qualicoat.

Our range of paints offers both functionality and visual appeal. We would be happy to agree to cooperate with your company.

A brief glimpse into our range

What paints you can find in our range

  • Polyester paints – For products exposed to UV radiation, public furniture, facades, window sills, doors and window frames and for construction industry products with Qualicoat and GSB International certified.
  • Epoxy paints – For interior products that may come into contact with chemicals. They strengthen the painted surface but are less resistant to UV radiation.
  • Polyurethane paints – For products exposed to UV light where chemical resistance is required.
  • Polyurethane anti-graffiti paints – For public furniture or transport.
  • Epoxy polyester paints – For products intended for use in the interior. Suitable, for example, for electrical appliances, office and garden furniture or shelving. They are only partly resistant to UV radiation.
  • Antibacterial paints – They are perfect for the protection of surfaces with higher requirements for the hygiene of direct 
  • Anti-static paints – For products in plants where there is a risk of explosion from electrical discharge. Suitable, for example, for tyre manufacturers or research institutes. These powders are suitable for coating metals with antistatic properties such as computers and electronic equipment.
  • Zinc paints – Base paint for increasing the corrosion resistance of coated products. They are used as base paints to increase corrosion resistance and in combination with a suitable pre-treatment and topcoat you can achieve a corrosion resistance of C5M. 
  • Metallic paints – Powders for design products, which are, according to the manufacturer, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. You can create incredibly stylish and aesthetic impressions with them.

We will be happy to give you more details about the qualities of our paints.


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