We make the world colourful

Thanks to us, the world is not black and white. We supply powder coatings, both the brightest and the most basic, to companies for all types of products and industrial applications. We are the  distributor of Sherwin-Williams powder coatings, paints with a variety of options for your business. 

What matters most to us is that we work with our customers to find solutions for their production. Paint shops coat products with our powder coatings for their clients, as do various manufacturers of specific products. We take care to store and handle paints properly so that you can always rely on a delivery from us.


Metal products are usually in basic grey before the final production phase. They are not wrapped in a variety of colours. They are naked. Powder coatings give products protection, enhance their beauty and precision workmanship. The application of powder coatings is the crowning glory of the production process.

Colourful range with technical assistance

You can find our company with warehouse premises in Ledeč nad Sázavou and Humpolec. Our portfolio includes quality powder coatings, technological equipment, sealants, sprays, masking and hanging equipment. We offer technical service in all areas of our business. So you can contact us about anything you can think of regarding powder coating.

We take care of every package so that you can always rely on our delivery.

Shortly looking back at our history

When the company was founded in 1996, we found out what it was like to face not only the big players on the market, but also hostile conditions of the technology of the time. For example, it was not possible to take orders other than by fax, but we also needed to attend to clients in the field, so we were exposed to the risk of significant opportunities slipping through our fingers.  

However, we did not want to give up, so we continued conducting our business in the field the quality powder coatings we believed in. Over time, new colleagues came on board to help us solve this problem, and it became easier and easier to attend to both clients and orders.

However, we were still facing the dominant market players, and as a small company we were trying to win the attention of clients. But we had one big advantage. Our advantage was that we were not burdened with the rigidity that some companies carried with them from the days of the previous regime. On the contrary, we brought fresh wind and bright colours to business. 

A range that does not change all the time

You can count on a steady supply and long-term cooperation

Take a look at our facilities


We take our partnership with our clients seriously and responsibly. This is reflected in our long-term relationships and our technical knowledge and willingness to help you with anything you need with respect to powder coating.

Safe and reliable paints

Our paints have all the necessary properties and certificates

We see the future in bright colours, too

Thanks to our approach and perseverance, the company has survived in the market, and today stands on solid foundations. We are prepared for all client requirements and work as a great team in all aspects. Our people are the lifeblood of our company, and our customers are the heart of what we do. Our range, approach and technological expertise are praised by hundreds of customers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We want to continue to bring you the highest quality powder coatings and build strong and genuine relationships with our customers. To do this, we are committed to offering you professional advice and fulfilling wishes that help your production and business development.

See how we store colors

We are driven by our clients and their satisfaction

The values that we have cherished in the past, we still cherish today. We are close to a way of doing business where client service and a balanced relationship are paramount, where our customers know that we are there for them and that we will listen to their needs. To do this, we strive to be a leader in technical knowledge, and we also look to the world for inspiration for the future.

The order you are not left waiting for

Goods we havein stock will be delivered by the next day


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